Hmmmm my husband works wor rubbish and recyling. I'm glad he has a good job to help surport our young family but yes a big but, he just has to bring something home that he has found, "one mans rubbish is another man's treasure" is and understanement of the year. We live in a tiny two bedroom house with our two kids (renting) and have no room for this junk. I've tryed to tell him but he just keeps bring stuff home. Oh and another thing. We've had a major complaint (a letter that is) from our landlord (its a housing corp home) stating that there's been complates about the state of our property and lawrn etc. This yard is ment to be tidy and hubby's job to do so. He hardly ever keeps it tidy and doesn't see anything wrong with it. When ever he goes though the van (I call it his junk yard van) he jmps it on the ground, namely the front yard and leaves it there half the time where it sits for weeks on end some of the time. Its embarrissing esp in front of the school and there's no way I'll tidy up after him. Mind u today with my help we tidyed up the front so it looks better but he still has the lawns, garden etc to do before the 27th. If its not the landlords perecfttion then out we go. Maybe that will teach him a lesion? I was grumpy with him today, last night he cooked and made a huge mess of the kitchen. Nope he didn't tidy up I ended up cleaning the kitchen and doing most of the dishes myself while he sat on the computer. his excuse the kids are in the room with him.... I cook and clean and be a mother and he basicly never helps inside the house, sure he does washing but what about small things like the dishes? If I cook I expect him to do them but he won't, if he cooks he doesn't do them full stop! Sorry of go on like this but it drives me nuts! Men!