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How to handle partner working out at sea (no reception) Lock Rss

I am currently on day 2 of my partner working out on a trawler there is no reception out there so we have no contact. We have a daughter together who is almost 8 months old and today she has been searching for him. Its so hard not being able to see him or say hi its only for 7 days but the days feel like they are taking longer. What can i do to get through this and keep little miss preoccupied so she doesn't get upset her daddy isn't back yet?
My partner works away fifo and has done since before we had kids. Sometimes he won’t have reception so we won’t talk to him for the 2-3 weeks he is away and can only chat via messenger. We have a 4 yr old and a 5 month old and while he is away I try to plan as many activities for my 4 year old as possible ( we use it as mum and daughter time) we go to the park, go to lunch, sit and do art together and just spend quality time with together. Another thing you could do is get him to record bub a message on your phone so you can play it when Bub is missing dad. Kids are very resilient, they soon get the hang of dad being away. Hope this helps even if it is a few months late ????
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