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Partner does not seem to want to be involved? Lock Rss


I'm 10 weeks pregnant with surprise baby #1. It's not that my partner isn't supportive with the pregnancy - he is over the moon and attends all appointments it's just that he doesn't seem to want to be involved with ME anymore? He works long hours most days of the week and any free time that he has he schedules to do other things (whether these be going to concerts, drinking with his friends etc) which means that I am alone at least 80% of the time during the week. We've had several arguments about me asking him to be around more often or asking him to shift his attention from attempting to go out drinking every Saturday to maybe spending some time with me but they never work out in my favour. He always seems to guilt trip me by saying that I "dont want him to have friends". He expects me to do all the housework as well (including all the cooking) which is becoming increasingly hard in between morning sickness etc. I've asked him to help around the house and we've had fights about that too which get me no where.

The whole situation is making me extremely anxious as it doesn't make me feel very loved or desirable at all. Plus being home alone all the time does nothing for my mental health. I'm beginning to consider just leaving the relationship and doing this on my own but I'm not sure if that's being over dramatic? I have no intention of being a single parent but I also don't want to have a partner who acts like a child and prioritises his friends over his family.

My question is: what can I do about this situation in order to make it better?


- A
Hey chick, its really hard in a situation like that, but in all honesty he doesnt look like hell change anytime soon ! And maybe you moving on and putting you and baby first is what you need
Not much help sorry but just a little advise
I understand your situation. At this time its a very difficult situation for you. But don't worry everything will be Good. Good and bad situations both are the part of life, so face these situations bravely and don't take any kind of stress because its not good for your baby..

I feel sorry for you.
Just believe that something good will come to you.
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