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Just moved interstate. Hubby hates it Lock Rss

My husband and I and our 2 young kids have moved interstate not even a month ago and my DH says he hates it here. It was a mutual decision to move to our current location so that we would have some family around for our kids to grow up with and to have better opportunities for our family. He is now saying that once our 6 month lease is up he wants to move back to our home town ( not the town we just left ). He has never really liked our home town and whenever we would visit he is always happy to leave. I do not want to go back there and have said that we should at least wait a year to see what we think of our new home. He is adamant that he will not like it here and no point staying any longer or trying to like it. Am I being unreasonable asking to stay at least a year before we make any decision about whether or not we will move again?
Try get him to join a group that does a hobby or something that he likes (sports or fishing or something). Get involved in community activities and get to know people and try and make friends your partner would like and invite them over. Don't discuss whether he likes it there or not with him and don't try to get him to like it. Just get involved and see if he changes or becomes a part of the community or if he still cannot stand it. You probably need about 2 years in a place, but don't force it. Don't make any decision and don't force. That's my advice.
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