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Have just sent DH to a motel for the week..... Lock Rss

I've just sent DH to stay at a motel for the week. This has been a long time coming, but I'm totally fed up with him taking me and our DDs for granted. We put up with his extremely bad moods and his drinking too much. I have told him he needs to be on his own to decide what he really wants. I've also taken his credit card from him so he doesn't just go on a week long bender! But I'm so scared because I know my week at home with my beautiful girls will be much nicer and easier all round without him.....I think that's what really scares me.
Good luck. I hope that he sorts himself out and comes back a new man.

I know what you mean about having a nice week. I know when my DH is away for work it is always a lot calmer and we have a great time. Then DH comes back and we start all over with the chaos. I just don't think men get it.

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