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Getting your old look back after childbirth Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

A few days ago, @Autobot_Killa started a thread about lost intimacy, and there was one sentence in there said by her husband that got me thinking. For those of you who read, you'll know what I'm talking about. As an answer to a question 'why decrease in interest for his wife', he replied 'I am not repulsed by you'. I've been haunted by that thought ever since.

Although I think men don't lose their love for their wives during the pregnancy, I freaked out at the thought that some of them might be 'repulsed' by us. To be honest, I freaked out that my husband might have felt the same way. And I must admit it's not fair. I had to put up with all the physical and emotional hardships that pregnancy brings with it (bloating, cramping, swelling, frequent peeing, mood swings, fears, add something to this list that you experienced and I might have omitted) and now I have to be apprehensive of a person closest to me being repulsed by me. It simply isn't fair. It shook my self-confidence that was already shattered after the childbirth anyway. My tummy and breasts are still not the way they were before, and it's been more than two years. Now, I do understand all those celebrities wanting to claim their old look as soon as they leave the hospital. There's one thing I don't understand, however, how the heck they can do it. I mean, I couldn't walk one month after the delivery let alone do any demanding and grueling physical activity and they run on treadmills like there is no tomorrow.

As much as I've never approved of any surgical work, now I'm a little bit more lenient towards this idea. At he same time, I am terrified of the mere thought of going under a knife. However, when I think of getting a taut belly instantaneously makes me wonder is it really that much of a deal. Am I going to reclaim my self-confidence the same way after this? I don't know. Do any of you ladies have same doubts about your husbands loving you, and heck yes still wanting you? Have you ever contemplated a surgical work and would you ever do it? I know there are some risks associated with it, then cost of course (I read somewhere it's about $10000). I'd like to hear your thoughts. Am I being childish with all my fears? I am so ambivalent about this.
Hi Mackenzie,

I don't think you should worry at all! I mean, have you talked to your husband about this? I'm pretty sure that the case you mentioned is rare and if you do talk to your husband he'll tell you you're being silly smile

I've never had this problem with my husband and I definitely wouldn't consider surgical work for this reason...
I know how you feel Mackenzie,
Having a child, while wonderful and something I'll never regret but it has taken its toll on my body for the worse. Don't be too hard on yourself, this change is completely natural and I hope your partner can see that too. While doing everything I can to get back into shape there are somethings that I don't think will ever change. And for that reason I'd advise you to go for it! It's hard to be happy and confident in yourself when you feel insecure.
Have you found a reliable surgeon? Let me know if you haven't and I'd happily suggest one smile
Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I haven't spoken to my husband. I guess I'm afraid I may not like his answer. I've become a nervous wreck.

April - Thanks for the kind words. However, I'll hold off with any surgical work: I recently read that many doctors who perform the plastic surgery are not even qualified.
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