Ok so my mind has been going round and round in circles since my partner has told me but long story short. He may have another child to one of his exs (no cheating involved). We have 2 beautiful children together ( almost 2 year old and 6 month old). His ex ( who he still talks to and im ok with as he talks to all his exs lol) has text him asking if he thinks he could be the father to her eldest daughter who is 4, as people/her family have started talking and questioning that our daughter has similaritys to her daughter. Partner was told by his ex that he is definately not the father but my partner has always had suspicion that she is his but was never allowed to do anything about it. Im wondering if anyone has been in this situation?? Is there anyone i can go talk to about and what would be the beat decision with testing e.g home kits vs going to a lab and where do i get them from ???