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father wishes to sign parental rights over Lock Rss

hey im looking for help
pregnant with my 2nd child
this is my story any help would be fantastic
together for 9 months he cheated on me with family member after we broke up i found out i was pregnant, decided to be friends for bubs sake but he then turned around and said his only wants my ds so that family member who he cheated on me with who cant have kids can raise baby as her own, so i decided to stop communcation until he pulled his head in which he did, but then the sexual harassment start coming through by text and in person and the comments and asking to sleep with my dd who is 3 , told him if he doesnt stop i will be taking him to the police and getting him charged with sexual harassment and paedophilia charges.... now his gf (family member) didnt know any of this until i told her and she has spoke to him and has said to me his happy to sign all rights over if i dont go to the police and get him charged, my question is and sorry this was long is if he does sign over rights and states he wants nothing to do with this baby on his own terms what happens? and will i have to go to court about it?
please no judging
I think you would be better getting some legal advice rather than asking random people on a public forum.

Good luck.

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