So I need some objective opinions here. I am currently 32 weeks along with baby no. 1. My husband went out for "a boys night" for a friends birthday on the weekend and they stayed in a hotel for the night. Now, I was really upset by this - that he wouldn't think that it could be a bad idea to leave me by myself all night when I'm in last stages of pregnancy. I don't mind him going out at all - dinner, a few drinks, but expect at this stage of my pregnancy he would at least care enough to want to come home to me to be with me and make sure I am ok throughout the night. I tried really hard to make myself ok with this as I don't want to be clingy or too needy, but it still really hurts as I feel like he doesn't care enough - I know I would never do that to him if roles were reversed. Worst thing is, he doesn't seem to care now that I am upset about it. It's just hard coz I feel like my life has changed so much being pregnant but he hasn't changed this a sign of things to he still going to be doing things like this when we have a baby to look after. He's usually so great in other ways, but this really hurts and I can't shake the feeling and if I bring it up again he will think I don't want him to go out, which is not true. I just want to feel like he considers me. Pls I overreacting??