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My Brother in law got our 2 childrens names tattooed on his chest and im not happy about it. He didn't even ask and the tattoo is not small. He says it shows he loves them. But to me showing them you love them is about kisses and cuddles and fun times. I am so disgusted about the tattoo and hubby is pissed off with him aswell. Just yesterday we had our son christened and my BIL decided to turn up at the church with out a shirt one so everyone could see. That is just rude in itself. He always needs to be the centre of attention. And at the BBQ afterwards only habbys dad and his new wife said good bye and thanks not even his mother and her partner and his grandpartens and aunty and at the end of the day i just cracked it. I was brought up that you use manners when you go to someones house and be polite by saying thanks and good bye but these 'so called family' obviously have no respect. Sorry for the vent i just need to get it off my chest.

Amanda, 1 gorgeous girl & 1 handsome man

Sorry to be blunt/rude but your BIL sounds like an idiot!!! lol
I think it's incredibly rude and a bit weird to get your niece's/nephew's names tattooed a) on the chest and b) if it's big.

I can kinda understand a tiny little tattoo like that somewhere where it's not going to be the centre of attention (ie ankle or shoulder or something) but even then I don't think I would ever get my nephew's names tattooed on me..

Does he have children of his own? What happens if he wants his OWN childrens' names tattooed on him? Where's he going to put them?

Sounds like one of those families who you only socialise with when it's absolutely necessary...
Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do about his tatt now, except to let him know that it was a pretty stupid thing for him to do...
Don't be sorry he is an idiot. As i told him yesterday i also called him a self centred asshole, he didn't like that. No he doesn't have any kids off his own. but he said he will get them put them down his other side. My DD who is almost 6 said she doesn't like her name on him which i can understand. Sorry for the vent but it just feels good to get it off my chest.

Amanda, 1 gorgeous girl & 1 handsome man

weird and kinda creepy lol. I wouldnt want my name across my uncles chest. Does he have a partner? Doubt it, cause I wouldnt have let him do it if i were his partner. And if he doesnt have a partner now, im sure when he gets one she'll find it just as weird as us:-P How old is this guy? Im just wondering if he's young and stupid or old and creepy. Lol

hey, i am with the other girls - what the heck was he thinkin??? i think it is wierd and slightly controlling to do that.. and wearing no shirt to a christening??? - i don't care what religious beliefs you have, noone has the right to disrespect any kind of religious occassion like that.. unless you had the christening at the
i don't blame your daughter...
good luck..
He is 23. And no he doesn't have a partner but he did show up with his ex girlfriend who he broke up with because he was too fat, she is a size 12 and he never told me he was coming with her he just decided he would bring her, dont get me wrong she is a nice girl. Im glad im not the only one who thinks the tattoo is weird.

Amanda, 1 gorgeous girl & 1 handsome man

Did you mean he broke up with her because she was too fat? Coz i read it and it sounded a lil confusing.

Does your partner have any other siblings? cause ur BIL will have to cover himself in tattoo's for other niece and nephews to come. Yeah the taking the shirt off at a christening is crazy too. Poor you that this is your in-law lol. i suppose we all have a crazy weird in-law... My ex's sister use to steal things from me. Like clothes from my washing, then i'd see her wearing those things (or her friends would be in photo's in her room). But what can you do? Confront them then always have tension when there around 9or say nothing, but there will one 1 sided tension anyways lol)....then its hard for the one in the middle (ur partner, coz they have to keep both sides happy). i think we need a 'Crazy in-law stories' post lol.

Sorry, yeah i meant she was to fat. lol. My partner doesn't have any other siblings. I confronted my BIL over the phone and he was just a dickhead. YEah i suppose we all need crazy in laws but each time i have to see that tattoo it will make me sick knowing he has our kids names tattooed on him.

Amanda, 1 gorgeous girl & 1 handsome man

oh god i think that would drive me over the edge if someone other than dh and i had our kids names tattooed on them.

that is so frickin weird and slightly disturbing.

i dont think i could get past it either. i would want him to have it removed.
Look I'm am sure his heart was in the right place at the time but this is truely a classic case of boganism. Look on the bright side this bogan is not your husband. I would either ask him to remove them (laser treatment is available) or request that he be a little more discreet and make it a family thing only to prevent future embarrassment.
Im glad he is not my husband. I told him i want them removed he told me he would get my daughters name covered up as she is not my husbands biological child. But he said he isn't getting his own blood nephew removed. What difference should it make these 2 angels are mine and my DD...NOT HIS! He is such a jerk and bogan. He is not the sort of person to be discreet he will purposelly walk around at family gathering without a shirt on just too piss me off cause he knows i hate them being there and to show off.

Amanda, 1 gorgeous girl & 1 handsome man

think he should get with my 23 yr old sister shes like that no tattoo's though but she always has to be centre of attention all the time shes ruined 2 birthday parties of my kids saying rude disgusting things to just get attention, and now she has wiped us all and wont talk to us cos she wanted my dad to pay 6-8g for her teeth i said to her why should he pay for her all the time(shes sponged off him for years) he has 4 kids not just 1 well she didnt like that now wont talk to anyone from my family.. yes that would certainly weird me out lol. thats just not something any normal person would do/should do and him going into the christening without a shirt thats just plain old rude, if that happened to me i would've told him to leave until he found appropriate clothing to wear.

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