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Help! Step-mother calling herself "Mumma" Lock Rss


Yes my step-mother is refering to herself as "Mumma". I have said to her a few times that I am Cloe's mumma but she says I am the 'mummy'. I have said that it is too confusing for Cloe and maybe she will make up her own name for you. I thought that was the end of it but over Easter she started it again. I don't know what to do. She seems persistent.

My step-brother's partner is due today with their first baby and I'm not sure what this one will be calling her. I don't think she wants to be called 'Nana or Grandma" Maybe she thinks it is an for an old person. I don't know. She is in her late 50's though. Also I have always referred to my mum as mamma for as long as I can remember. (We never see her as she lives in Airlie Beach).

I refer to her as Nana Rainy (her name is Lorraine), which I will keep doing. My dad is Pop. She has said it around him and he agreed with me. But she still says it.

What can I do. I have told her how I feel but she still persists.

Kate, DH , Cloe - 10/5/05, Hazel - 17/1/08

i would try explaining to her again
and maybe this time as horriable as it sounds maybe you have to be a bit more harsh with her

i would even every time she says it correct her weather its in front of people or not maybe then she will get the point that you dont like it

angela(24) mother to ben (8 june 05)


I just read your post! That would be so annoying!

How is it going now? Has she got the message yet?

My mother-in-law wanted to be called that. I told her she is Grandma not mamma whether she likes it or not.

She isnt impressed with me.....but too bad.


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