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were did my drive go? Lock Rss

I feel like the only one in the world not having sex!!!! My babe is 4 1/2 months old and we still havent have sex since she was born. Its been so long now i dont know how to go about it. Is it part of the hormones going wild? Is it normal and how did i get my drive back before our relationship is affected.

i too have had hardly any drive, it's a combo of things for me. more issues about what i want out of the bedroom affecting how i feel in the bedroom, desperate tiredness. not feeling sexy coz of changed body, no privacy ahhh the list could probabl go on.

lately though things seem on the up. it's taken a real effort to deal with the other issues. get some sleep. give up on my body and get babysitters sometimes. and to realise this is important to my partner. i think too that sometimes the more you have the more you want....

mum of 3 girls

Hi unfortunately the drive seems to go the same place as sleep - out the window. It will come back but you will forever be interrupted or have to do a bit more planning! It hasn't been the same since but rest assured, it will come back, relax and give it time
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