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hi everyone

thankgod for this thread thanks lauraine

well i have a 5 year old son that we are having problems with he has been dignosed with mild pervasive global delay disorder (slight autisim)

we have tryed so many times and diffrent types of displine ect time out and go to the room and nothing works at all? he back chats both me and hubby giving us the rude finger ect swearing trying us out he is going to extreme messure of killing animals and tryed to kill our second pup the first i had was a pug i walked in side to attend our 5 week old daughter and he killed my pug and i yelled at him and sent him to time out and he tells me he died it cause he wanted too and this morning with the maltese he told me he didnt like it so he wanted to kill it and his younger brother jayden came and told on him and he runs and lies but wont tell the truth i know the swearing is coming from his special school at goodna
they were taking into care from the department for other reasons and since coming home he is very disctructive since when i had them i love them to bits but i just dont know what to do?
i think he needs help but dont know where to start?
he atternds play therapy which doesnt do jack.
should we take him to a beahviourist or a shrink?
i dont know why we are at ends wit what to do next?

he has these flip outs everynight before bed of swearing and slapping ect he never use to do it
and in saying that he forgets it so quick too
any suggestions would help!

hes been dignosed with pdd mild but dont know anything else?

mother of three beautiful children

I have absolute no experience in what you are going through but well doen for having the guts to admit something isnt quite right!

A shrink probably would be a good idea as it sounds as if something in his brain is miss- hitting and he is probablyt frustrated and the anger is how it comes out. I know from many hours of Dr Phil and Oprah smile that abuse to animals is a HUGE warning sign.

Maybe your family doctor can suggest some things?

Good luck and keep us posted


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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