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Together Forever?! Lock Rss

Big hugs Claire! You poor thing! Maybe your DP just needs time. It would be horrible for you to act like normal, knowing that you are only together for certain reasons and counting the days down until the end of uni, also knowing its the end of the relationship. Perhaps with time, DP might grow to love you again. I have had an experience that is a bit alike, but also not the same. When i fell pregnant with DS#1, my partner told me he didnt want any kids and he didnt think he could support me. I told him my baby was more important and he could leave whenever he wanted. My first pregnancy wasnt the loving, beautiful experience it should have been, i was too afraid DP was going to leave at any moment. Fast forward 5 years, we now have 2 kids, he wants another but i dont. People change with time. He got used to the idea of a baby, and he is the proudest dad.
My advice is to remember what attracted you and him in the first place and recreate it. Work on your feelings with him. Take time out for yourselves, get to know one another and trust one another again, we get so caught up in our day to day lives, sometimes we lose that spark that was between us in the first place. Try and get that spark back.
And if it doesnt work out, maybe you could seperate, but still be housemates for the $$ sake. It would be pointless investing emotions into a hopless situation. Good luck sweetie.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

he's probably just hurt and his bad feelings for what you've done have probably blinded him to the fact that he does still love you and want to be with you.

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