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After sitting here and reading through various posts over the last few days then cuddling up in bed with my DH last night, it got me thinking.... There is no actual posts that I have seen that starts with someone appreciating their other half. It is all either attacks at people or general 'poor me' syndrome.

So I though I would do this post!

My DH is wonderful. I have been thinking about this alot lately. I get to stay home with my DD1 and 2. He respects me alot of the time nd doesn't hassle me for sex or anything else, like going back to work!
He is a great father and cherishes the time he has with our girls. Although very protective I know he means well. His dad wasn't really there for him growing up and I know when he is working away he misses us dearly! I've never really considered how hard it has been for him to leave his family for 2 weeks to go to work. The few months he has spent at home lately he has loved. I've been able to see both the girls grow up and now he gets to see the biggest changes in our 7 month old that he missed in our first!
He means everything to me and would just be so torn if anything was to happen.

I am going to give every partnered woman a challenge! Find one quality in your DH/DP/DF that you over look everyday! Be it just even the smallest thing to even the largest. Find something that gives you that little smile and remindes you why you are with them smile

I'm trying to stop looking at the negative in everything. It exhausts me everytime I dwell on something bad. I'm not saying my life is perfect and that everyone else's is too. But I think that we do tend to over do things and make them up to be more that what they should be!

Please you don't have to agree with me, I'm not looking for arguements, but maybe it's time we looked a little deeper smile

When he actually does take the time he takes us out for the whole day and its great just the family, wish it happened alot more.

24/5/09- we went to the dams to see how high they were OMFG they are high. Not once did he hell or anything it was GREAT.

Forever in our hearts....

You are right you know. Every husband or partner does have flaws, im not saying that they dont, geez mine has many of them..but if this was a forum full of men i think they would be doing the same, because all of us women have flaws too, men are just more unlikely to come on here and complain about it. My husband can get angry, yell and treat me like crap..but most of the time he is such a loving, considerate person who loves me and my son and would go out of his way to do absolutely anything for us..I hardly ever stop to appreciate him and doing it now makes me realise that although he makes me so angry, his also the most important person in my life. Thanks for going the other way and making us look abit deeper smile
Iron Butterfly I agree, not a day goes by that I am not appreciative of the things my DH does for our family. He works incredibly hard 16 hour days to support us and so I can be at home, and on his days off he still has the energy to play with our kids and cook me dinner, and help around the house. He is an extremely generous lover, and fabulous husband. He still buys me flowers, and tells me every day that he loves me and that I'm beautiful. He is my best friend.

And after all that, he still thinks I am a better wife than he is a husband! So we must both be doing something right smile

ETA that I know that some people have difficulties in their relationships, and I don't mean to take anything away from them at all. I know that this is a place that members come to get advice and have a vent, and I would never judge anybody for it. I realise how incredibly lucky I am, and I think every woman deserves a DH like mine.

Best wishes to everyone!
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Hi- I think perhaps the reason there are so few positive posts about relationships (without wishing to generalise) is because many of the people who need to post are not in situations that any of us would wish upon our worst enemies- some of the posts I read here I agree are exhausting, and often distressing to read, that no amount of positive thinking can make better. Bottom line is there are a lot of women out there who are basically unable to find a positive quality in their partners, because there aren't any. Women are abused physically, emotionally and sexually, and hopefully a forum like this one gives them an outlet to express what they are experiencing, and hopefully, with time and with support they are able to move on and out of situations that are often so toxic...

Some people have horrible lives...

Hello,ladies, lucky you to have supportive partners. I can think of a few good qualities in my dh. I like that fact that he doesn't have any addition or substance abuse. I also like that fact that he's smart. However, his qualities don't outweight his wrong-doings so I'm unhappy. And I believe a lot of ladies who join the huggis are here for similar reasons as mine. It's great that there is a channel for us to let out of the negativities in our life.
HC091A I kind of feel you missed the point.

I don't need it explained to me that there are people living in unspeakable real nightmares. I'm not blind nor do I live in Lala land. This post is really aimed at those that do have wonderful relationships but they just don't quite realise it because they haven't taken the time to step back and look.

My aim is for those that are in a decent relationship, take a step back and find that thing that makes you smile then share it. No matter how silly.

We do it with our children why not with our partners?

This forum is a place for being who are going through hard times to express their feelings and try to get some support, and ive done that many times, my partner isnt perfect, he does many many things that hurt me...but he also does those few things that make me stay, hence the reason why i havent left him.
You constantly see posts about how much everyone loves and appreciates their children, and the little things they do that make them smile..and i think what the original poster was trying to do was make us all see that we can also appreciate those small things in our partners that we doesnt always haveto be so negative..and its nice to have some positivity around here...

I think the forum is a great place for people to tell their stories whether it be positive or negative, sometimes we just need to get things out no matter whether we have a great partner or not so great.
Support on here is amazing from what I have read.
Its great to hear the above positive stories, and at the same time whilt not great to hear the stories, it is important they be told.
For some people 'looking deeper' may be a brilliant idea while for others it may not.
Guess its a matter of what suits each individual and their circumstances.

Hi Iron Butterfly- yes you're right, I did miss the main point of your post to an extent, to find a positive quality in partners. But I felt it was important to acknowledge the difficulty in what you were asking for some women- I think when I read 'we do tend to over do things and make them up to be move than what they should be' (sorry don't know how to copy your text and place in here, hence the quotes!) I thought that statement may have been a little unfair to the women who post things here detailing the abuse they suffer.

I think perhaps if your post had have stopped after your paragraph offering every partnered woman a challenge it may have lost its sting for me.

Am not wishing to offend anyone in any way, shape or form.

I see where you are coming from HCO91A, as i really believe noone in this forum makes up nor do they over-exxagerate their problems/stories..
Every person is in a different situation, whether it be positive or negative or abit of both the forum is here to support everyone smile
I was refering to people that do dramatise things. I myself make things a bigger deal than what they really are in my own marriage. In a wy also to look at some of our own flaws.

In no way was it meant to belittle those that are in circumstances that are unpleasant. It is aimed at those that actually do have a good relationship and don't realise it, or even think that they actually may do.

I created this post as a 'well of positivity'. Something for people to appreciate their relationships and share it. Obviously ones that are worth appreciating.

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