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Why do we think to much??? Lock Rss

I'm not saying we all do but I know I do, If something happens in my life I can sit there and imagine it happening, then see the next thing happen wish I don't know whether it did or not but I still think it, then I can get so emotional over all that is going through my head and only 1% of it is true. The rest I have continued to make up in my head, or imagining what is going to happen next and get so angry or upset about it.
Is it because we are preparing ourself for anything that might happen, or because we think to much?
My friend told me that if you can only think about what is actually happened and nothing else and try not to worry about anything that you can't controll then it is like your high on drugs.
Just wondering if anyone has any add ons to this or any comments,

Michelle, NZ, 3yr-girl, another on the way.

I know what u mean.
I also have a habbit of over thinking things then getting emotional bout it even though its only in my head.

I have no idea why I do.

EDD 6-12-2007 if Boy-Bailey if Girl-Lakeshia

Not weird at all. I can have one situation turn out in sooo many different ways. If only I had said......


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