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Am I a freak or does anyone else out there feel totally repulsed by the thought of intimacy with their husbands/partners after the birth of a child?
I don't know what's wrong with me, but even a cuddle or kiss makes me cringe. I used to love snuggling up to my poopsie, and he is feeling a tad unloved. I have to make a superhuman effort to show any physical affection, just because I have to let him know he's still loved.
How do I get over this, and if it's common, when does it end?

PS I'm breastfeeding, and I can't stand him in my space even more when baby's feeding.


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Yep, I know where you're coming from, I was exactly the same, but don't worry, my sex drive did eventually come back!!!!! I think my son was about 4 months before I could even think about it. A wise woman told me a secret (which I must say did work): lubrication & inebriation! Sounds weird, but definately helps, express some milk if you can so baby won't have to drink after you've had a glass of wine or whatever (by inebriation, I obviously don't mean get legless!), and you can buy lube at the supermarket in the toiletries section, so you can hide it under the veges and the only one who'll see it is the check out girl (who probably won't know what it is anyway).

Don't worry, you're not a freak by any means, you sound perfectly normal to me, and tell hubby not to worry either, won't be long and he'll have forgotten all about his 'dry spell'.
Glad to hear I am not the only one. Would love nothing more than a hug and a cuddle, but not interested in anything more than that !

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Roxby Downs SA

It's definitey a tough time after the birth of a baby and something that a guy cannot possibly grasp.

I went through something similar and it really affectedour relationship. One of you needs to make a change so that you can get back to some level of intimacy. I know exactly what you mean about the superhuman effort- you're soooo tired and soooo not in the mood.

It does get better, it seems to coincide with baby sleeping better.

tired and feeling old

dont worry its all normal

it part of the pregnancy and baby hormones lol
i was the same my whole pregnancy and after the birth and still am its quiet normal i am like this its all the way your body turns itself abck to normal and can take up to 6 months after the bubs is born.

its quiet normal and being a mother and breastfeeding can feel alittle weird or even bottle feeding for a bit infront of hubby but trust me in will settle down.... there are times when u feel like affection just use them times with him and tell him its all part of being a mum

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