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Not sure if i am posting in the right section, but i need some help!

We are planning on elopng to Broome in September/October.

Has anyone done it? How did you do it? How expensive was it?
How did you organise it?

Any tips would be fantastic!!

hi i did not elope, but a friend of mine did, check out travel agencies some places have wedding packages to suit all budgets, and broome is a gorgous place to elope at with amazing sunsets over the ocean. sounds great makes me want to do it all over again.
We eloped to Darwin from Sydney and it was fantastic.
I basically booked everything online and found the process really easy. We arrived in Darwin on the Sat morning and had two days to find the location, meet with the celebrant and photographer and meet the florist.
My tips would be
1 Get online and use the white and yellow pages to research google was also great.
2. when your ring the photographer, florist, celebrant ect.. ask them for recomendations of locations and restuarants ect..
3. find online the Births deaths marriages office for the state you want to get married in. They have a list of all the celebrants in the area and you need to download the appropriate forms. You need to fill out intent to marry forms ahead of time so get organised now.
4. once I found the photographers in the yellow pages I google their names and checked out their websites if they had them , if they didn't I called them and asked them to send examples of their work. I underestimated the importance of a good photographer and photo's, I love the fact that we have such beautiful photo's of our wedding, it was also important for our family to see these photos as that was the only way to show them our wedding.
5. If you decide to eat at a resturant after you married ask them to seat you somewhere private and tell them what is going on. The resturant we ate at actually set our table off to the side amoungst some trees and it was lovely and private, very romantic.
6. we spent the morning getting massages and being pampered pure luxury and we could afford it because we didn't spend money on a big reception.
7. Make sure you have something to keep you occupied prior to your ceremony if you are on your own. I got my hair and make up done and was constantly chatting to someone, however there was a moment where I was on my own and the hugeness of the occassion came over me and I realised I was on my own and i got a bit teary.
8. We planned a celebration party for when we got back, it was fantastic. We dressed up again in our dress/suit and had a cake, our family and friends got to toast us and they felt included. I organised the venue, invitations and food prior to eloping.

One thing you might like to be prepared for is everyone reactions but remember your day is about you and this is your life. I loved the fact that my hubby and I got to spend the morning together, got married in the arvo and had a lovely romantic dinner together and it was just the two of us.

would definately recomend it
Good luck
Hi. We have just eloped to broome three weeks ago. It was amazing. The people of broome are fantastic!! So friendly. I had no issue with the fact that i was on my own. Our celebrant was amazing. We had a fantastic photographer. My husband chose him, initially i thought the price of the photographer for just the two of us (600) was insane, as it turned out it was worth every cent!!! The photographs are spectacular.
We went barefoot at sunset. There are a number of places you can choose to have your ceremony, you cant go wrong. I pre booked my hair and makeup, you will need to contact the florist before you go. I got my nails, fake tan done while there (no pre booking needed). We arrived three days before the wedding, did some sites, tried to relax (i was nervous..!).
Thankyou to aimsta for your response, it was really helpful considering we only decided at the last moment to elope and had the 31 days from notice of intent to get organised.
Our families were happy and supportive of our decision. We let everyone know with one if the photos the photographer had emailed us. It was perfect. Wouldnt change a thing about it!!
Good luck!
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