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hi my name is venessa i have a 16 month old girl now when it comes to night fall we have trouble getting to sleep now sometimes i just levae her there and shes goes to sleep but not all the time now she has 1 sleep dueing the day and its from around anytime from 12 till 3 but when night comes along and its bed time she has her bottle but then nope not going to sleep so i leave her for awhile sometimes not most times she will go but if she dont its like a bug fight to get her down im like not getting much sleep when shes in these stages im like trying to get her down from 9 pm till some night up till 3 am now is this normal sometimes this can go for 2 weeks sometimes 3 weeks then shes back ingoing to sleep but that might last like a month then we r back like this can ya help pls

thanks venessa

venessa,nsw, 3 year old girl, #2: EDD 17/7/07

Hi Vanessa,

Routine is a very important part of getting a toddler to sleep. After dinner have a bath, give her a bottle and then watch for her tired signs and then put her to bed straight away. Try our settling techniques for 6 to 12month old in <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> section, they give a clear, positive message that it’s time to sleep.

Cheers Maree

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