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I have a 7 1/2 month old. Who wakes about 5.30am (occasionally will sleep till 6). He usually has his bottle around 6, but after an hour he starts to get really grizzly. If I try to feed him around 7 he is either to tired or not hungry enough to eat, but if I put him to bed he will only sleep 30mins then want his feed. Should he be sleeping longer in the morning so he can stay awake longer than an hour or should I put him to bed soon after his bottle to sleep more? He goes to sleep at night fairly well, but usually with his dummy. I have always had a fight to put him to sleep of a day time, he tries to thrash about and cries and I always need to give him the dummy and pat him to sleep. What can I do should I take the dummy off him, what can I do? My child health nurse tried the resettling techniques to get him back to sleep and 15mins later he was still fighting not to go to sleep even though we knew he was tired.


If you need any assistance just ask.

Cheers Maree

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