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Our 12 month old daughter still hasn't developed a what we would consider a reasoanable sleep pattern at night. Daytime, not so bad, usually two naps a day (not catnaps), somedays only one depending on whats happening. I think we have tried everything, apart from sedation which I dont know if we are quite that desperate.....yet. She wakes several times a night and is extremely difficult to settle. She is always looking for a breastfeed to comfort, yet does not feed to sleep. After our first child we ensured pretty much from birth that we had a good feed/play/sleep routine. We have a good bedtime routine and most nights she settles off to sleep fairly easily. Some times when going to sleep she will scream a bit (she has always been a screamer never one for crying!) and most times this is only for a few seconds, sometimes a couple of minutes, sometimes a bit longer.
We have tried Tweedles controlled comforting techniques, this helped to get her to put herself to sleep during the day and at bedtime. We do it at night as well but with no success. I did modify the controlled comforting a bit as the regular way was not working after about a week and letting her cry for 10 minutes, going back in lying her down giving sleep signs etc for a minute and then walking back out even if she was still crying. This worked as far as teaching her to go to sleep is considered.
We have also tried letting her cry it out with no luck and everyone in the house was crankier for the effort it took (my husband feels he will end up having a stroke). I must confess I dont have the stomach for it but I am getting desperate.
When she was younger I tried cutting things out of my diet ie caffiene and sugar but this didnt help.
We have ensured that she is not in pain, ie panadol, nurofen, teething gel, nappy rash creams etc... and that she is comfortable.
She has been diagnosed with glue ear and we are back to the audiologist in December for a review. My GP (not a very helpful one) felt this wouldnt be a big part of the problem, told me babies are manipulative, to let her cry it out and she would get the message. He also suggested phenergan. He is lucky I didnt hit him considering this is baby no 2, I know how charming and smart babies are and I am a Psychiatric Nurse so know all about manipulation! Probably time for a GP change!
Please help.
(Mother of 3yo and 1yo)



I agree that you should feel comfortable and confident with your GP – perhaps it is time for a change. It sounds like you are in Melbourne? If so, I would like to suggest some one-on-one assistance from Rhonda Abrahams, let me know.

Cheers Maree

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