Hi Maree

I'm getting inspired by the comfort controlled technique that you covered - though I haven't purchased your book or DVD yet. I have a 7 month old with LOADS of sleep associations! During the day, he'll only go to sleep pushed in his stroller with some noise (ie a rattle) in front of him. At nights he goes to sleep on my breast in bed with me - he gets unsettled and starts looking for the breast anything from 3 - 6 times a night..maybe more - I don't know as I'm so tired I fall asleep anyways! He can only go to sleep if I go to sleep with him and I'm starting to miss spending time alone with my partner!!!
I'm very keen and determined to start this technique..it seems to be one of the "softer" approaches I've researched on. My question is - how long will it take for him to learn..? Weeks? A few nights? What's the worst case scenario?? I'm just trying to calculate how much of sleep I'm going to lose (I need my sleep in order to function..as everyone does!) during the nights and the day and how many take aways we have to eat!!.....Keegan is a very very DETERMINED baby and a very vocal one at that. Loves screaming when he doesn't get what he wants - also very clingy to me when he's tired. What have I done..? Please help!