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Hi Maree,
My 11 month old son has slept in our bed practically since day one! Admitedly, the first few weeks (when he was small enough), he slept in his pram (in our room); but since he outgrew the pram he has been in our bed. On numerous occasions, we have tried to get him out of our bed and into his cot (which has been set up in his own room since before he was born)!! My son will not fall asleep unless it's during a bottle feed or if he is being held by someone. Once asleep, he can be put down in his cot, but will either wake up immediately (with no possibilty of being soothed back to sleep), or he will sleep for 1-2 hours and then wake crying hysterically with no possibilty of going back to sleep in his cot. We recently spent a day at a sleep clinic, and we have followed their guidelines for three days now, with no success. I realise that it will probably take longer, but my partner and I are very worried that we are damaging our son. Following the sleep centres guidelines, our sone is put in his cot at the first signs of tiredness (twice a day and then for his nighttime sleep). During the day we check on him every 10-15 mins for about 20secs, laying him down and soothing him with our voices and patting, but no matter how much he calms down when we are with him, the minute we begin to leave the room, he is in hysterical screaming fits! During the day, he has yet to fall asleep this way, and following (once again) the sleep centres guidelines, he is left in his cot for an hour and a half (pretty much screaming the WHOLE time ... with NO sleep as a result)! At night, he falls asleep within an hour, but not because he is improving, rather because he is so exhausted he doesn't have the strength to stand against his cot rail and scream! I am not seeing ANY improvement; as far as my partner and I are concerned, if anything we are doing more harm than good! The only sleep he has had during the day since the visit to the centre, is in the car on the odd occasion, which as you can imagine is very broken. At night, once he falls asleep, he will wake about 3-4 hours later, and then the whole process begins again (it takes about 1-2 hours for him to fall back asleep at thsi stage). My son is definitely not getting enough sleep, and as a result he is no longer the happy, giggly little boy he was a week ago sad His voice is hoarse from all the screaming and none of us is benifiting thus far ... HELP!! Please HELP!!

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This sounds more like controlled crying techniques than controlled comforting. The controlled comforting technique we use for 6 to 12 month old babies is 2mins in the room patting when they are crying and then 2 mins out of the room, then 4 in and 4 out, then 6,8 & 10mins which is the maximum time we leave the baby. You can find the detailed program in <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> section or from <a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&Book.

This is still a tough program and can take up to 3 weeks to work. My son was12 months when I did this program and he was sleeping through the night the first day.

Good luck, Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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