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My 3 months baby recently started to suck her thumb when she is tired. She can sleep on her own with putting her thumb in her mouth without want me to pat her. I have heard a lot about thumb sucking is not a good habit to encourage. Should I let her continue this habit or if not, how to help her to discontinue this habit.



I don’t see any reason to discourage her.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

My daughter also started to suck her thumb at 3 months. I was told i shouldn't let her do it. I tried putting gloves on her hand and pulling it out everytime she did it but i honeslty don't think it matters. I would rather my daughter suck her thumb and be able to settle herself rather than constantly trying to discourage her and having to nurse her to sleep etc all the time. I have given up trying to stop her becasuse i dont see the point. It keeps her happy.

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