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my 19 month old just won't sleep Lock Rss

My 19 month old son was a brilliant sleeper until 13 months of age when we moved to ou new home. He loves his new room and plays in there, even shutting the door and amusing himself in there in the day. When it is bedtime ( 730pm - 8pm) we show him the bottle he runs into the room happily drinks the bottle, climbs into the cot himself and goes to sleep.

The problem begins about 4 hours later when he wakes crying sometimes still with the dummy in his mouth and this continues constantly for up to 3 hours, we have tried controlled crying, a bottle, going in settling and then ignoring the crying. Is there anything else you can suggest that may help, we both work and the sleep deprevation is wearing us down
Interesting! Which one of these eventually gets him to sleep?

Let me know


It's Time to Sleep

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