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Hi there! I have a 13mth daughter who still wakes once a night for a bottle. She settles easily (with a dummy and cuddlie) during the day and when we put her to bed in the evening. Then anywhere between 11:30pm and 2:30pm, she will wake for a bottle. If we give her one, she will go straight back to bed (awake when we put her in the cot), roll over and go to sleep until 7:00amish (no other wakings during the night to replace dummy). If we do not, we will fight(!) for over 2 hours to get her back to sleep. If I go into her and try to resettle her without a bottle (after allowing the 5, 10, 15 minutes to cry thing), she will cry harder. If she comes into our bed, she will play. Everytime I go in to resettle her she still has the dummy in her mouth while crying, so I don't think the dummy is the problem (or the answer!). Do some babies still need a bottle at this age - am I expecting too much? If she does still need a bottle, when should I expect her to stop? Please - any help will be most appreciated!

Nicky, NSW, mother to 3yr & 1yr old princesses


Your daughter doesn’t still need a bottle at this age but it has become her sleep association. Try to persist with controlled comforting techniques as this the most tried and proven way to change this sleep association. It is hard and baby will protest, making you think they are just not responding. If you can get a copy of “<a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a>’ DVD&Book I think you would benefit greatly.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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