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My 12 month old son wakes at 4:30am everyday. I have tried to move his bedtime from 6pm, to 7pm for a month, but made no difference. He is not crying when he wakes, just singing and chatting in his cot. Even if it was 5am, it would be better. How can I get him to sleep later? He is not hungry, goes to sleep by himself perfectly, and only occasionally wakes during the night. Any suggestions welcome, as 4:30am is just too early, and after 12 months of this, I need a sleep in...

Brigette, Gold Coast, 12 month old boy


I don’t blame you for having had enough after 12 months. I suggest that you ‘butt in’ on this playtime and implement some settling techniques, giving a clear message that ‘it’s time to sleep’ and that it’s not okay to be playing. With this I would also try to push forward the bedtime a little as you did before.

What sort of naps is he having during the day? Also is the room dark enough or could you make it a little darker?


It's Time to Sleep

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