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How to get my 2 1/2 year old to sleep in his own bed Lock Rss

My 2 and 1/2 year old has had his own "big bed" for approx 6 months. He started off beautifully going to bed. We had mid night visits but let them be while he was getting used to it and had a few successes with all night sleeps. Unfortunately. as I was very pregnant I couldn't pick him up to put him back in his bed and we are now at the stage where he won't sleep in his own bed at all. He refuses to go to bed anywhere but our bed at night. My daughter is 11 weeks old now and I am not sure whether it is part of the overall adjustment to a new baby, new set of "rules" etc... or where to start with having hom go to bed in his own bed.

You need to let him know that it’s not okay to sleep in your bed and when he gets up at night keep putting him back straight away. I know this is tiring especially as you are probably getting up to the baby as well but keep in mind you may only have to do this for about 1 week and you will all be so much better off for it.

Set the rules at bedtime and read a certain number of stories and say good night, from then on you will have to begin putting him back as soon as he gets up.


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