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I have 9month old twin boys - one sleeps all night from 8pm-7ish, and has done so since about 5 weeks old. The other has only ever slept thru a couple of times but lately things have got really bad! He used to take a dummy and if we had to settle him we would use this and also the settling techniques on the website/time to sleep book, but ever since he got his first tooth he will not take a dummy and as soon as we put him into his cot he plays for 15-20mins then started to scream! He has been sleeping in our bed as the only way I can get him to sleep is to feed him to sleep, I have tried moving him back to his bed but he wakes and then the whole thing starts again - I have tried a roll over feed but this doesn't work. He is not hungry, but once he wakes this is the only thing I can do to get him back to sleep. I am at my wits end over this as is my husband. What can we do? We are unable to let him cry it out due to having a small house and not being able to put his brother in a room away from the noise he makes. Help!

At 9 months it’s more likely that 8month separation anxiety is playing a big part in his being unsettled along with teething. The truth is if you want to teach him to sleep independently then you will need to implement the settling techniques. It will be hard for a week or so. If you can, have the babies in separate rooms for a week or so until you can get the program working. It will be hard as you say but try to remember that what you are doing now is hard also and in a week or so you could have the whole family peacefully sleeping!

Best of luck, Maree

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