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Hi Maree,

I have a 10 month old who mainly has 40 mins during the day and wakes anywhere from 2-8 times a night. We have fallen into the habit of putting him into the cot following your techniques but eventually we pat him to sleep. Every night it takes us at least an hour to get of to sleep this way. I think that he wakes because of this and is unable to resettle himself but when we took hard line with him and didn't pat him to sleep he cried for 3 hours, we tried again the next night again 3 hours and I gave in and patted him to sleep, the next night I only lasted 2 hours. One of the nights he actually vomitted, I just roughly wiped it up and kept going. I think I am being fairly ruthless how long should I continue the technique at night. Also by stopping after an hour during the day he is rarely having a sleep. Please help!

Patting baby off to sleep is not going to get the program working for you, this will become his sleep association, so this is why we say when the crying stops, stop the patting. How long have you been doing the techniques? It can take up to 3 weeks. You need to be consistent and follow the techniques for it to work quicker for you. Babies learn from repetition. During the night you need to persist until sleep comes, after one hour offer a drink of water and a reassuring cuddle and continue on with the techniques. If baby vomits clean him up quickly in the cot and try not to make eye contact and keep on with the settling. During the day try to settle for one hour then if no luck get him up and try again later – watch for the tired signs.

Good luck, Maree

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