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I've read Maree's tips with regards helping baby to sleep without a dummy by removing it just as he goes off to sleep. Our 16 month old boy goes to sleep with his dummy and sleeps right through, he removes and replaces his dummy himself without waking right up. I've tried taking it away, however, when he rolls about looking for it later and can't find it, he wakes right up. What is your suggestion in this case? Do I go through the same process as when he initially goes to sleep or leave him to his own devices with his dummy? His father and I don't mind him having the dummy as he only has it at bedtime, however, I assume it's easier to get rid of it now rather than later or will he cease to use it of his own accord eventually?
Hi Jane,

If your baby is sleeping right through and finding his own dummy then it’s not an issue, but if a dummy is the cause of constant waking and you need to replace it, then it’s obviously time to get rid of it altogether.

I had a dummy until I had to start school, my mum through it out of the caravan window on our Xmas holiday! Most toddlers or babies like their little routines and usually it’s the parents who have to enforce a couple of changes occasionally.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

I have also been wondering about the use of a dummy. Our 4 1/2mth old daughter is quite attached to hers. During the day, I am constantly replacing the dummy for her in order to get her to sleep longer than a 45min cycle, but at nighttime she seems to be able to go longer, why is this so? At night-time though we have been using the dummy to stretch her feeds out when required and to keep her from waking her 2 1/2 yr old brother as she's VERY loud in her protests. Can you offer suggestions? I would love to know how we can get her to sleep through...

Louise WA, mother of 2

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