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Hi I have a 13 month old baby whom we have had sleeping problems with since she was 6 months old. She would wake so many times in the night that we just resorted to putting her in bed with us and then she got used to that and wouldn't sleep in her cot. So at the beging of August just before she turned one we went to sleep school where we did controlled comforting and she only slept through the night on the last night we were there. For the next two weeks at home she would only wake once a night at about 4:30am and after a rewrap she would resettle and go back to sleep until about 7:00am, which I could handle but now that I am back at work she is back to her old tricks and wakes up and she will scream for a good hour to two hours a night, she will go to sleep after that but wakes again between 4:00am-5:00am where by this time I'm just so tired that we pick her up and put her in bed with us. What can we do I fell I have tried everything, we even took her dummy away when we were at sleep school and that has made abit of a difference. I think she wakes her self up when she gets her arms out of her wrap but if I don't wrap her she stands up at the side of the cot and just screams and screams. I'm open to any advice.

Jodi, mum to Charli , Joel and Matilda

Hi Jodi,

I suggest that you stop the wrapping, we don’t recommend wrapping after 3 months.
If you are in Melbourne I think you would benefit from some one on one support. Let me know and I could give you some contact numbers. If not I can only suggest you follow the <a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a> program, it has a 90% success rate and keep in mind my 12 month old had never slept through the night and in one day of doing the techniques was sleeping through the night!

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

I don't live in Melbourne (I wish I did sometimes because their seems to be more places you can go for help) I actually live in the country about an hours drive from Adelaide and the only help in our town is our Child and Youth Health Nurse and I have already been to Torrens House for help (sleep school). Could you please tell me where I could buy It's Time To Sleep because I have never seen it in anywhere, if I knew it was available I would have bought it months ago. I also have tried not to wrap her but she only sleeps for an hour and wakes up crying. So if I could get a hold of It's Time To Sleep maybe I will have more luck and ideas. Thankyou for your help and if I was in Melbourne, I would have loved the one on one support.

Jodi, mum to Charli , Joel and Matilda

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