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Hi, I am mum to 3 month old Jada, who sleeps through the night from 9pm to 7am beautifully, but during the day she only has little catnaps, about 30 mins, in between her 3 hrly feeds, and she often wants to have a 2nd sleep before her next bottle, which means i have too settle her again. how can i help her sleep longer in one go in between her feeds???

karen, nsw, Jada, 7 months


Yes Jada is catnapping, anything under 1 hour is considered a cat nap. Because she knows how to sleep during the night you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting her to have longer naps during the day if you follow the settling techniques on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page and resettle her using the techniques if she wakes under one hour.

Good luck, Maree

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