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My 6 month old (yes she does things at a leisurely pace) has just started rolling over and she wakes at night screaming because her legs get tangled up in the sides of her cot......anybody have any suggestions how we can help her?

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Hi Olivia,

SIDS don’t recommend bumpers in the cot so that solution would be out, perhaps try attaching a cloth nappy to the sides.

Good luck, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Thanks for the advice I placed a sheet over the sides. But now she will not settle at all in her cot, I have tried the controlled crying technique but to no avail, she gets herself so worked up I cant even calm her with cuddles, She screams and lately she will only fall to sleep on me after big struggles. This is against all my beleifs with children sleeping but I cant work out what could be wrong and she seems to be sooky most of the time.

4 wonderful children

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