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Dreaming wakes him up! Lock Rss

Hi there,

My little boy Jackson is 7 months now and was into a great routine and sleeping through the night but lately he has been dreaming all the time, which is normal, everybody dreams! but he tends to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, not because hes hungry or wet but because he is dreaming! He usually re-settles ok with the help of his dummy but often continues to wimper, and sometimes even wakes several more times throughout the night. He is teething at the moment and that is probably increasing the amount of times he wakes, that and the fact that no matter how many times I put him onto his back to sleep he insists on sleeping on his belly with his face burried into the sheet.. how can we both get a good nights sleep? Thanks Renae xx

Ren WA

Hi Renae,

It sure is tough sometimes and I can definitely appreciate that feeling of wanting a decent night's sleep.
Here's a couple of suggestions, he may be going through separation anxiety in which case he should just grow out of it but do be careful not to create any bad habits during this time and he may be relying on his dummy to self settle and if this falls out during the night it could be the trigger for waking. You will need to make a decision on this one. Try to remove the dummy before he falls asleep so that it's not the last thing he remembers.

Check with <a href="">SIDS and Kids</a> for the best way of making up the cot for your baby.

Cheers Maree

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