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How do I get my kids to sleep through the night Lock Rss

My eldest daughter is 2 and 3 months and she has never been a good sleeper she wakes at least once a night sometimes 3 or 4 times and on odd occassions she will wake every twenty minutes she goes to bed around 8.30 where both my husband and I say good night give her a kiss and a cuddle and then she picks who she wants to read her a bed time story then we walk out sometimes she cries a bit other times she will lie there and look through a book and just fall asleep when she wakes through the night I go into her and ask why she is crying and she makes every excuse in the book for example "Daddy forgot to give Sammy a hug" etc I tell her that it is still night time and she needs to go back to sleep and she usually does we sometimes let her cry a bit to go back to sleep but not to often as this wakes my 7 month old
My 7 month old has always been a fairly good sleeper going to bed around 8 waking around 3.30 for a bottle and going straight back to sleep and waking the next morning around 8 but now she has gotten bad sleep habbits from waking up when her older sister wakes for example last night I got up to my youngest at 11.30 it was 12.30 when she finally settled 1.15 when my eldest woke 1.30 when my youngest woke settled at 2 then my eldest started again at 2.30 then my youngest started at 3 and went till 5 then my eldest went at 5.30 and then they both settled and didn't wake till 8 this is usually how my nights are most of the time when my youngest wakes she doesn't feed or anything she is just waking because she hears her sister my youngest still sleeps wrapped up and won't sleep unless she is wrapped but on that note a little bit of wiggling and she is unwrapped and then awake I really would love to hear any suggestions to try and get both my kids to sleep through the night

Mum to Sammy, Sophie & Brock

I was exhausted just reading it you poor thing!
Try to have a very strict routine of dinner bath 2 stories (you must set a limit) toilet if she is out of nappies and lights out. Don’t listen to excuses during the night, she plays on this you must give her a clear message that it’s time to sleep and leave.
I also think you might need some serious bribery and get her something she really likes and she can have it if she stays in bed but if she gets up then you will take it away.
Try making a magazine cut out with her and have a family like yours but with a sad tired mum and another picture with a happy mum, let her know how unhappy you are and if she would sleep for you then you would be the happy mum, at this age it works miracles trust me.
At 7 months you could drop the 3.30 feed if you want to and use some settling techniques instead but as tired as you must be I would perhaps try to get your eldest daughter sleeping first.
Let me know how you go.
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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