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Night Terrors Lock Rss

My daughter is 19 months old and has developed night terrors. This has occured in the last two weeks and progressively gotten worse going from 5-10 mins to settle to 3-4 hours to settle, taking longer and longer to waken her and now happening multiple times a night and even in late afternoon naps. I must say that she has only started to have late afternoon naps again but I put this down to sheer exhaustion. She is so tired she keeps falling down or banging her head and hurting herself.

She is currently been having her Epilepsy medication reduced (Epilim) and this could be a side effect of that. As of today her Doctor has put her back on the full dose to see if that helps and we'll restart the reduction in a months time.

In the meanwhile I am in need of techniques to reduce the stress we are all feeling through lack of sleep. In addition I am 13 weeks pregnant, already had two threatened miscarraiges and can't risk getting kicked in the stomach with her thrashing.

We have tried:
-no tv in the evening
-reading books before bed
-when the terrors start moving her to a safer place so she can't hurt herself on the sides of the cot
-let her thrash it out (to no avail) so now we wake her
-lots and lots of cuddles and reassurace
-sitting quietly when she awakens
-letting her roam around to reassure herself
-tried paracetamol (I really dont want to make a habit of this) but again to no avail

Well that's it all suggestions and help gratefully accepted as I think we have got to the knot at the end of the rope with ideas.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

HI Mandy
It certainly sounds as if you are going through a tough time. I'm afraid I can't really offer you any advice as this is outside my field of knowledge.

Take care of yourself and best wishes with your daughter.


It's Time to Sleep

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