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My 3 month old daughter will sleep from 7-8 @ night through until 7 the next morning. We wake her at 10 pm for a feed to get her through the night.

However durinhg the day she will have 3-5 short sleeps for about an hour. Occaisonally she will sleep slightly longer. It's great that she sleepd through the night however I am worried about the short day sleeps. She seems happy with this routine. Should I be concerned?

I also have a 3 month old daughter who sleeps from 6.30pm-7.30pm until 6am-6.30am the next morning. We wake her at 9.30am for a feed.

She has 3-4 cat naps throughout the day lasting anyway from 30mins to an hour if I am lucky. She occasionaly sleeps longer (1.5 hours maximum).

She does not have a set sleep routine as she has an older brother (8 years old) that we have to take to school, sport etc. This makes it extremely difficult.

She also seems happy with this routine but she can get overtired and I find it hard to get things done during the day.

I would appreciate your advice.

Hi Leah,
Some babies don’t sleep much during the day and so long as she sleeps at least one hour for her naps this is okay. Watch for tired signs and act on those don’t leave it too long to try to settle her during the day as an overtired baby is harder to settle. If she is happy then this is the main thing.

Cheers Maree

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