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Getting rid of the dummy at 9 months Lock Rss

My 9 month old boy is still not sleeping through, even though we have persisted with 'controlled comforting' for nearly 2 months.

He still has a dummy (only in bed) to get to sleep and it works very quickly, but he often wakes twice in the night and can be quite difficult to resettle, even with the dummy.

I'm starting to feel like it might be time for the dummy to go, but I feel guilty because I feel like I'm taking away his friend!

Do you think it's better to go cold turkey, or to put him down to sleep without the dummy and slowly increase the amount of time (and crying) before going in and giving it to him? How long would you imagine it would take to break the habit??

Hi, Nonie,
It takes about 3 days to create a habit and 3 days to break one.

Try settling him with the dummy but removing it just before sleep comes so as it is not the last thing that he remembers before falling asleep, this will help to break the association with sleep.

When I got rid of my sons dummy (at 2) I put salt on it each time he asked for it and when he gave it back I wash it and secretly put more on and told him it was yuk. He had a good long cry for about 20mins and that was about it.

Cheers Maree

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