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Keeps spitting the dummy Lock Rss

Hi, my daughter is 10weeks old, and i can not put her to bed without her dummy. As soon as i put her down to wrap her, she screams till i give her the dummy. My problem is that she keeps loosing the dummy. I am constantly putting it back in. This is not so bad as she is in a basinette beside my bed, but i am considering the big move to the cot in a seperate room. I do not want to be up and down during the night, giving her the dummy every 5mins.. Do you have any ideas?? Your help is appreciated....


A dummy can become a sleep association and the cause for constant waking. If you can’t remove it cold turkey try settling her with it but removing it just before sleep comes so as it is not the last thing that she remembers before falling asleep, this will help to break the association with sleep.
Cheers Maree

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