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I am at a total lss Lock Rss

Hi there,

I have posted to you before and alas am still having no luck with Haley sleeping.

Haley did sleep ok for about 2 nights after my last post and now is even worse. She will not let me put her under the covers and is now waking every 20-30 mins.

she will fall asleep on her own from 8:30pm till 12am and then nothing. She is crying in her sleep as well.

I don't know what to do as I am obviously failing her as a mother, in this aspect I am obviously a bad mother as I can't settle my own child.

The techniques obviously don't work for her as it has been 3 months now with no sleep and progressivly getting worse, my body and mind are exhausted, I have less energy in the daytime (although she sleeps really well during the day for 2 hours) so I do get a rest there but it doesn't compare to a full nights sleep.

I don't know what to do, I am at a total loss.

I love my daughter so much, I want to help her sleep so she is at her best too and isn't overtired all the time.

She is getting more teeth at the moment but that can't be the reason for the full 3months, (can it?)

Please help me help her, the poor thing is where I am at i think and doesn't know if she is coming or going either.

That can't be good for her, and I have tried everything to the point where I am thinking of sleeping with her on the couch (my bed is too big and high for her to sleep there) as if i do that she might feel more safe and secure to be with me all night and therefore sleep through, but then I will end up with a 4yr old that still sleeps with me?

I don't know if that will work either, I don't even know if I am making any sense as it is 2am and I am going back and forth from her to here, giving her as much love and reassurence as I can. I am not getting cross with her, I am soft and comforting as getting angry is not going to help anyone and I certianly don't want to frighten her, yet in my head I am screaming.

Is this normal or am I a horrible person?

anything you can think of please, my daughter needs you I NEED YOU. ANYBODY any advice any soloutions please.

thank you

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi Olivia if you live in Melbourne I would recommend Rhonda Abrahams he specialises in settling techniques and does over nite or day stay s at teh sunshine Hospital ( free)

Give rhonda a call on 9513 9500

or give the thew sunshine hospitall a call on 83451270 this si the sleep centre

cheers K
Hi Olivia,

It is a really hard job and even harder when you are running on empty. Rest assured that you are not failing your daughter, you are a great mother who is seeking help.

Firstly, do not sleep on the couch with your baby this is a big no-no from <a href="">SIDS and Kids</a>.

"Is this normal or am I a horrible person?" Rest assured there have been many many mothers before you that have gone through a similar thing. This is the great thing about forums such as this, you can chat to other mums and realise that you are definitely not alone.

What state do you live in and I will give you details for a baby settling centre that can give you some help
Let me know.

Best wishes Maree

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