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How much sleep is required for 4 month old babies? Lock Rss

Hi. My twin daughters are 4 months old. I'm just wondering how many hours sleep during a 24 hour period is 'normal' for a baby at this age.

My babies have their last feed at 9pm and wake for their next feed at about 6am. They then go straight back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. So during this period they are getting about 10-12 hours. During the day they might have a couple of sleeps between 1-2 hours and the occasional catnap. Is this enough sleep at this age?

Also, during the day they are having their sleep/catnaps in their swings ..... is this okay or should they be put down to sleep in their cots during the day also?

After their 4pm feed they normally stay awake until the last night feed at 9pm. During this period they are normally pretty grizzly. Should we be trying to put them to sleep for part of this period in their cots or would a sleep at this time make it less likely for them to 'sleep through' the night?

Thanks for your help!



Hi Michelle,
You are doing well to have them both sleeping overnight. I would definitely stop the sleeping in the swing as this will surely become their sleep association and can’t be good for them. When settling into the cot make sure you put them down awake to self settle.

The best thing you can do is watch for tired signs and act on those as an overtired baby can be harder to settle. However it sounds as though they are getting plenty of sleep in a 24 hour period; well done.

Most babies are grizzly during the later part of the day- it's well known as arsenic hour in many homes.

But you have a good overnight routine happening and that is worth more than words can say.

Cheers Maree

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