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Climbing out of porta cot Lock Rss

My son is 18 months old and sleeps in a porta cot. The reason for this is that he has haemophilia and a porta cot is safer for him, because it is softer. he has been a bit of a problem sleeper from the beginning, but we have just stared getting it right and mastered the art of getting him to sleep through. Hecries a lot before he goes to sleep though but I do the 6 minute, 7 minute technique with him, which works most times. Last night he gave us the fright of our lives..... he climbed out of his porta cot!!! We are really worried and don't know what to do about it because he will really hurt himself this way. I don't think he is ready for a bed because I don't think he would stay in it and also our fear of him somehow hurting himself in it? Is there any other solution for us to try keep him in bed or at least to help him fall asleep without crying and freaking out first??? Please help, someone


This is a tough one to answer. Perhaps you could get some modifications done to the cot to increase the height or investigate the options of using a padded barrier on a bed.
Cheers Maree

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