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Hi I have alittle boy who was two in november, he was sleeping in his cot but use to wake at 3.30 every night, the only way I could get him back to sleep was to out him in my bed, it has now got to the stage where he will only sleep in my bed and he will go straight to sleep and sleep all night,if we try to put him in his cot well he just get beside him self , very upset so we have caved in and let him do this, but now we want our marriage back time for us please help Thanks
If you want to change this then you must be the one to make the changes and although it won’t be easy babies and toddlers do learn from repetition and you will need to persist with putting him back to bed and letting him know it’s NOT ok
He must fall asleep in his own bed initially also or it won’t work.
Cheers, Maree.

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