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10mth old waking at 3am every night Lock Rss

We have been practising attachment parenting and rocking, cuddling, feeding and/or patting our baby to sleep since birth. It has worked very well and while it does take more time it is a very calm and reassuring way for us to do it. We also follow a feed/play/sleep routine. It breaks our heart to let him cry. He goes to sleep just fine with this method, but lately he has been waking at 3am on the dot every night and is very restless. His molars are coming up and he has a mild cold, so is that why he is waking? Or is it a develomental stage that he will pass. It seems the only way we can get him back to sleep without waking up again within 1/2hr is to put him in our bed. He is very restless and flings himself around which disturbs us. We even tried putting him in the cot next to our bed which is more preferable to us but he cried and cried! HELP. We don't want to do controlled crying so is there some other technique? or should we ride it out. If we continue with letting him sleep in our bed will he grow out of it? We don't mind but we need some sleep too.

Rach, 2 boys, 3 and 11mths

He may be in some pain with his teeth and upset with his cold. I can only suggest some teething gel and a bit of baby paracetamol if you wish to.
Controlled comforting techniques are not for everyone that’s for sure but you need to understand that when you settle a baby the way you have always done then this will no doubt become the way baby needs and prefers to sleep and if you suddenly feel the need to change this routine then you can’t just expect baby to ‘grow out of it’ he likes it why should he change?
Best of luck
Cheers Maree

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