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he want go to sleep on his own HELP Lock Rss

My son is 21 months since he was young he has always sat on my knee with me singing to him and bounching my knee up and down until he falls alseep and then i move him into his bed when hes out like a light.

The trouble is hes in a bed now and if hes not fast asleep he just keeps getting out and running around. If i shut the door he will scream his head of.

I have him in a patten of going for a nap about 10.30am and then he should be in bed around 6.30pm sometimes later of earlyer.

But we have had a new baby and he want go to bed he carnt keep his eyes open but will scream and run around doing things he souldent the last past few nights its been about 11pm befor hes full out in bed. But still then i have to sit him on my lap with him kicking and screaming cause he dont want to go.

I know hes a little bit worried about the new baby cause he cryes like the newborn and i understand it will happen for a while. But our new born sleeps all day and night so all day he has mum to himself and then the only time i get to hold Jake is when he wants a bottle and even then its for 20 mins or so and hes starts hiting me and trying to hit the baby.

Grrrr how do i get him to sleep by himself and not on my lap like i have been or am i asking to much of him??????

he dose have a bottle and we tryed cutting out the morning naps but that dont make a diffrents he just still runs around and screams stc.

please HELP me befor i loose it big time


TTC a baby girl

Hi Pamela,
This is his sleep association and you can’t expect him to just change over night because there is a new baby in the house and even more so he is looking for attention and his old routines.
It will take time and you need to give him so one on one attention. Try taking him shopping just the 2 of you and buy him something he wants let him know he can have it if he stays in bed but not if he gets up. It will take time and patience, he is jealous and you can’t blame him.
Best of luck
Cheers Maree

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