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Trouble settling because always losing the dummy Lock Rss

My 8 week old little boy is such a content and very happy baby! Once asleep, he sleeps really well, especially at night (goes 7 hours in the night!) BUT....getting him to sleep is our problem! He has a dummy and we are constantly going into him to put it back in. Is having the dummy and being so dependant on it a bad thing??
A dummy is a parents choice, but if losing it becomes a constant reason for waking and the need to replace it, then it is a habit you can do without.

When trying to settle baby, you can use the dummy but when you think he is nearly asleep remove it so it's not the last thing that he remembers when he goes to sleep.

This will hopefully prevent him from constantly looking for it when he wakes. You might then be able to work up to not needing it at all.

Cheers Maree

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