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Small Head Circumference - I know not pregnancy but nowhere else to ask Lock Rss

Hi, I know this isn't a pregnancy question, but there is nowhere else to ask this question, my son has a small head circumference which has been commented on by GP, Midwife and now our paediatrician, none of whom have given me any suggestions on how to get his head circumference to increase.

They are commenting on it and I am concerned that it could become a problem later down the track. He is now 10 months old and has a HC of only 43cm. He was premie, at just 36 weeks, and is small for his age. Both my husband and I aren't big people and my husband has a small HC also. My head also isn't all that big and Im just wondering if this is normal or whether it is something that I should be worried about????

His development is normal and up to date for a 10 month old.

Please help....

Belinda - DH Matthew - DS Coby (12.06.05)

Thank you for your enquiry. From what you have explained it doesn’t sound like it is a problem at all. Does it look abnormal to you? There is more concern if your child has a closed fontanelle at birth so there is no room for the brain to grow but if the fontanelles are there and he is growing then it sounds fine. If you are concerned it is best that you discuss it with your doctor a get a second opinion to allay your anxiety.
Best wishes,

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