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Bottle and Breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hi I have been bottle feeding my new born for 2 weeks now and would like to try him on some breast milk. Will this be ok?
thanks elle
It is fine to try breast mlk. Some mums use a combination on formula and breast, so this is not an issue.

The only issue that you may encounter is breast milk supply. If you have not been breast feeding/expressing for two weeks you may have little to no supply. The best way to increase your supply is with stimulation. This is done by regularly putting baby on the breast and allowing her to suck for a few minutes on each side. You can also regularly express to further stimulate your supply.

If you still have minimal luck then your GP should be able to write up a medication to help you hormones stimulate more breast milk supply.

A GP or Midwife should be able to help you with all of the above.

Good luck!


SA, due dec 06

Hi Elle,
Thank you for your enquiry. It is usually recommended that you breast feed from birth to establish the milk supply. The baby has also learnt quite quickly how to bottle feed. You could try to commence breast feeding now and if you do please seek some advice and support from professionals such as the <a href=""> Australian Breastfeeding Association </a> or <a href="">Australian Lactation Consultants Association</a>

Good luck and best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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