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Measuring 36cm's but nearly 40 weeks Lock Rss

HI all,

For my last three antenatal appts i have been measuring 36cm's in my fundal height and Im due this tuesday (anzac day) I havent put on any weight in the past month and in fact in the past week I have lost two kilo's. It has started to worry me a bit.

The baby is still moving heaps but it just seems really odd that my measurements havent changed. Every time I bring this up with the midwife at the clinic she palms it off and says theres nothing to worry about but it doesnt help.

this is my first baby and i just wanted to know does this happen to ppl and is it normal, I'm only little 5 foot and have a small torso so could that have anything to do with it??

Thanks Anna

Jasmine born 27.04.06

I had the same thing with my measurements.
Towards the end your measurements can get smaller as the baby moves down and starts to engage.


Hi Anna,
Fundal height measurements after 36 weeks can be very inaccurate because in many cases the baby engages into the pelvis altering the shape and size of your abdomen. This may be more pronounced if you have a small stature. If you have the same midwife checking your abdomen at each visit then she will be able to see if the baby is growing when she palpates you. It is a very good indication that your baby is happy and healthy if you are feeling lots of regular movements.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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